Dick Clark Dead at Age 82

As I write this, the theme song from American Bandstand keeps running through my mind.  What a wonderful, wonderful man was Dick Clark.

His American Bandstand made him famous.  He never seemed to age. We all thought he was an immortal, ageless teenager.  Alas, he died of a heart attack, at age 82, on April 18, 2012. He had been admitted to the hospital for a routine procedure and suffered a heart attack at the hospital. Resuscitation efforts failed.

My favorite memories of Dick Clark were from his New Year's Rockin' Eve programs.  He was so cool under pressure.  Even after his stroke back in 2004, he recovered sufficient speaking ability to make future appearances on New Year's Eve, most recently alongside his personally chosen successor, Ryan Seacrest.  

I think the entire Entertainment Industry owes Dick Clark a tremendous tribute. I hope they will come up with an appropriate memorial, something immortal, to remind future generations of his pioneering contributions to television broadcasting.

Dick Clark will always be on my "A" List.

Jennifer Lawrence and The Hunger Games

Jennifer Lawrence is an actress whose career has really taken off during the past two years.  I recently enjoyed her performance in The Hunger Games.  She is the "face" of the Hunger Games and what a face it is!  Without saying a word, she could stare down the toughest opponent.  

I first discovered this talented beauty in the film Winter's Bone, which I watched only because of her photo on the jacket of the rental DVD.  I liked her look, but it was her performance in Winter's Bone that really convinced me she would be a huge star. And today she is truly a "star." 

Not only does she have a great face, she is fairly tall and solidly built, which makes her more believable as the warrior we see in The Hunger Games.  

I am very impressed, and look forward to the sequel movies in the Hunger Games series.

Liam Neeson. Heartbreak and Hard Work

Liam Neeson
Liam Neeson lost his wife, Natasha Richardson, to a skiing accident in 2004.  He has tried to move on, but still feels the loss, and it often hits him in the middle of the night, like a blow to the gut.  

Neeson has had one of the most incredible careers that any actor could wish for, and a lot of his best work has been in big films.  Of course that is just my opinion.  I also enjoyed his roles in lesser films, like 2009's Chloe, which featured numerous sex scenes with a young Amanda Seyfried, all of which turned out to be in the imagination of Julianne Moore, who played his wife.  I guess that is a spoiler, but the film is three years old.

Heidi Klum Halloween Costume 2011. A Winner Again.

One of the most "fashion forward" creative people in the World, Heidi Klum again takes the honors for her Halloween costume at the Tao Las Vegas party October 31, 2011.

Emma Stone now on my "A" list

Emma Stone
This wonderful actress has had a huge impact on movie audiences in just the past two years.  Her appearance in Easy A (2010) was a spectacular hit, and I also enjoy watching her in Paper Man (2009).  She appeared in Superbad (2007) but I don't remember her role. Now she is in The Help (2011) and Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011).  Watch for her in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) and Movie 43 (2012).  She  also stars in The Gangster Squad (2013).
Best photo of Emma Stone - EVER!
Like many other major stars, Emma has joined the Animation World and will voice the role of "Eep" in the animated comedy The Croods (2013), which also stars Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds and Catherine Keener.
In the future she will be one of those stars who draws an audience to a second rate film just because she is in it. 

I think she deserves all the accolades and attention she receives.  She really has "Star Power."

Christopher Walken. More COWBELL!

Never considered to be a "pretty boy," his distinctive face makes him instantly recognizable to all film fans.  Even people who are not movie buffs and people who do not immediately know his name, RECOGNIZE him.  "Oh, yeah, THAT guy."  Born March 31st, 1943. Happy Birthday.

It is, I think, difficult to separate the importance of a man or woman's physical appearance from their successes in the film and television industries, but Christopher Walken is SO distinctive in appearance and VOICE, that he is destined to be a Lifetime Achievement Award winner at some point in his life.

He is, by the way, EXTREMELY talented as well.  On stage he has performed in many Shakespearean plays.  I can't say if he is "typecast" or not, but for the most part he plays villains, somewhat...creepy villains.  Who knows where he may next appear?  Look where he has already been:

Saturday Night Live Host (seven times so far) with his own "Best of Christopher Walken" SNL dvd

Movies: Annie Hall, The Deer Hunter (Oscar for Best Supporting Actor), Catch Me If You Can, The Prophesy, The Dead Zone, The Dogs of War, A View to a Kill, King of New York, The Wedding Crashers, Pulp Fiction and many, many more. I counted 98 films in the internet database.

And how amazing is it that Christopher Walken is known as the guy who can yell, "More Cowbell!" and instantly get a laugh, no matter where he says it.  He is such fun to watch.

Warren Buffet Still a Voice to be Heard

Warren Buffett
One of the problems men (and women) encounter as they age is the perception that nobody cares what they have to say any more.

Warren Buffet doesn't have that problem.  As one of the richest men in the World, his opinion about things financial and economic is closely listened to, and will be until his last breath, when he will probably utter some profound saying that will go into the history books.

Not only has he been a success, he is also intelligent and witty.  The Warren Buffet Facebook page contains several observations that we could all learn from.

One example:  "If you have been playing poker for half an hour and you still don't know who the patsy is, you're the patsy...."  Here is another example that I like: "Price is what you pay. Value is what you get...."

Now 80-years-old (born in 1930), he is worth billions of dollars and plans to give most of it away, a substantial portion of that philanthropy will go to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as being the best vehicle for distribution of large sums of wealth to the most worthy causes and having the greatest benefit.