Angie Harmon and Me

Angela Michelle Harmon was born Aug 10, 1972.  She doesn't look anywhere near that age, do you think?

Angie showed up in my dreams the other morning, just before the alarm went off.  Here was the scene:

My step-son and I were sitting in a coffee shop and we noticed Angie Harmon sitting at a nearby table. We made eye contact and both smiled.  (My God, but she is gorgeous.)  In a few minutes she rose to leave, but walked over to my table, said, "There is a new bar, near my house, called "Chocolate Rob's. That's where I hang out.  Chocolate Robs. Walking distance from my house," she said, and, with her hand, (left) she gave my hair a little tousle. Then she walked away.

"MY GOD," said my step-son, "she is SO coming on to you! She practically invited you to Colorado!"

Then (remember this is a DREAM), I said, "I wonder if she wants to go all the way to Texas?"

I know that does not make a bit of sense, but it made my day.  What a great dream.  She is just a stunningly beautiful woman. Greek, Irish, Scottish, and Cherokee.  What a dark, sultry combination.

Angie's TV series roles
Law and Order (1998-2001)
Women's Murder Club (2007)
Rizzoli and Isles (DVD available of the Complete First Season 2010)


  1. I'll take a Grande of Angie, with lot's of whipped cream.

    She is from Texas too.

    She is hot as Rizzoli, but Isles ain't bad either.


  2. I wish I have the same dream...LOL but for sure I'll do my best not to wake up anymore :D