Christopher Walken. More COWBELL!

Never considered to be a "pretty boy," his distinctive face makes him instantly recognizable to all film fans.  Even people who are not movie buffs and people who do not immediately know his name, RECOGNIZE him.  "Oh, yeah, THAT guy."  Born March 31st, 1943. Happy Birthday.

It is, I think, difficult to separate the importance of a man or woman's physical appearance from their successes in the film and television industries, but Christopher Walken is SO distinctive in appearance and VOICE, that he is destined to be a Lifetime Achievement Award winner at some point in his life.

He is, by the way, EXTREMELY talented as well.  On stage he has performed in many Shakespearean plays.  I can't say if he is "typecast" or not, but for the most part he plays villains, somewhat...creepy villains.  Who knows where he may next appear?  Look where he has already been:

Saturday Night Live Host (seven times so far) with his own "Best of Christopher Walken" SNL dvd

Movies: Annie Hall, The Deer Hunter (Oscar for Best Supporting Actor), Catch Me If You Can, The Prophesy, The Dead Zone, The Dogs of War, A View to a Kill, King of New York, The Wedding Crashers, Pulp Fiction and many, many more. I counted 98 films in the internet database.

And how amazing is it that Christopher Walken is known as the guy who can yell, "More Cowbell!" and instantly get a laugh, no matter where he says it.  He is such fun to watch.

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