Emma Stone now on my "A" list

Emma Stone
This wonderful actress has had a huge impact on movie audiences in just the past two years.  Her appearance in Easy A (2010) was a spectacular hit, and I also enjoy watching her in Paper Man (2009).  She appeared in Superbad (2007) but I don't remember her role. Now she is in The Help (2011) and Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011).  Watch for her in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) and Movie 43 (2012).  She  also stars in The Gangster Squad (2013).
Best photo of Emma Stone - EVER!
Like many other major stars, Emma has joined the Animation World and will voice the role of "Eep" in the animated comedy The Croods (2013), which also stars Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds and Catherine Keener.
In the future she will be one of those stars who draws an audience to a second rate film just because she is in it. 

I think she deserves all the accolades and attention she receives.  She really has "Star Power."