Dick Clark Dead at Age 82

As I write this, the theme song from American Bandstand keeps running through my mind.  What a wonderful, wonderful man was Dick Clark.

His American Bandstand made him famous.  He never seemed to age. We all thought he was an immortal, ageless teenager.  Alas, he died of a heart attack, at age 82, on April 18, 2012. He had been admitted to the hospital for a routine procedure and suffered a heart attack at the hospital. Resuscitation efforts failed.

My favorite memories of Dick Clark were from his New Year's Rockin' Eve programs.  He was so cool under pressure.  Even after his stroke back in 2004, he recovered sufficient speaking ability to make future appearances on New Year's Eve, most recently alongside his personally chosen successor, Ryan Seacrest.  

I think the entire Entertainment Industry owes Dick Clark a tremendous tribute. I hope they will come up with an appropriate memorial, something immortal, to remind future generations of his pioneering contributions to television broadcasting.

Dick Clark will always be on my "A" List.